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Minutes of The English Language Panel First Meeeting For Year 2009

Date : 20th January 2009

Time : 11.45 a.m

Venue : Science Lab 2

Attendance :

1. Mdm Zuwatinie Bt Tuah
2. Ms Jocelyn C. Lajanti
3. Mdm Devaki Narayanan
4. Mdm Ranah Hussien
5. Mdm Navamani Periasamy
6. Mdm Rosmiati Anuar
7. Mdm Noryati Abd Karim
8. Ms Norhafizah Abd Kadir
9. Ms Noorsheila Abd Halim

Agendas :

Chairperson’s speech
Formation of English Language Panel Committee
English Language Panel activities for year 2009
Other matters

Action by
1.Chairperson’s speech
1.1 Mdm Zuwatinie as the Head of the English Language Panel expressed her appreciation and thanks to all the English Language teachers for attending this meeting. This meeting is the first meeting that is being held for the year 2009. she hopes that all the teachers will give their cooperation and all the programmes suggested will carried out successfully.

2. Formation of English Language Panel Committee
2.1 The English Language Panel committee members for the year are as follows :
Chairperson : Mdm Zuwatinie Bt Tuah
Secretary : Mdm Devaki Narayanan
Committee members : Ms Jocelyn C. Lajanti
Mdm Devaki Narayanan
Mdm Ranah Hussien
Mdm Navamani Periasamy
Mdm Rosmiati Anuar
Mdm Noryati Abd Karim
Ms Norhafizah Abd Kadir
Ms Noorsheila Abd Halim
(see appendix 1)

3 English Language Panel activities for year 2009
3.1 The panel members have agreed on the activities
planned for the year 2009. The activities are as
attached (see appendix 2).

All English Language teachers
4. Post mortem of PMR
4.1 Ms Jocelyn summarized the overall performance of
form 3 students in English Language of PMR
Examination 2008.
4.2 Percentage of students that passed the English Exam
has increased to 50.3 and there are two students able
to get A in the paper.

All English Language teachers
5. Teaching and Learning Process
5.1 Teachers are asked to be prepared as the Head of
Department and Head of Panel will observe the
teaching and learning process in classrooms.
5.2 Teachers are advised to use various methods /
approach to teach different level of students. There
are ‘cds’ available in the school library.
5.3 Teachers are also reminded to check their students’
exercise books n submit them for administrators

All English Language teachers
6. Buddy Support System
6.1 Mdm Zuwatinie has explained the action plan of
Buddy support system throughout the year.
All English Language teachers
7. Other matters
7.1 Teachers are reminded to send a copy of their
timetable to the head.
7.2 Mdm Ranah informed that the list of teachers to set
exam papers for respective terms will be arranged
7.3 Mdm Devaki voiced out the problem of conducting
school based oral assessment. Mdm Zuwatinie
advised not to be too strict in conducting the test and
be flexible in giving marks.

All English Language teachers

Meeting was adjourned at 12.30 pm.

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Secretary Chairperson

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